New romance books out today (2024)

Last updated:29 Apr 2024

Today featuring new releases by J. Saman, Meg Anne, K Loraine, Susan Mallery, Jenika Snow, Sedona Ashe, Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, Gregory Ashe, Kristen Painter, M.D. Gregory, Claudia Y. Burgoa and many more.

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  • Undeniably Convenient by J. Saman

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    A baby of convenience with my new boss? Not exactly what I had in mind when I decided I wanted to try to get pregnant.But that’s exactly the situation I find myself in with Dr. Bennett Lawson.The ridiculously gorgeous, broody billionaire I kissed years ago is asking to have a baby with me.We both have our reasons for wanting this and with our ugly pasts, it’s an undeniably convenient arrangement...

    new adult · forced proximity · contemporary · pregnancy · office · marriage of convenience · age difference · · super rich hero

  • Heartless Villain by Meg Anne, K Loraine

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    Captain Hook isn't loyal to anyone, but I'd die for her.Once I was a prince, then I became a lost boy, then their king. Now, I'm nothing more than a heartless villain.Or at least so I thought. Until I met her. Until I had a reason for that husk in my chest to resume its beating.I know I'm not alone. She's worked her magic on all of us...

    horror · shapeshifters · paranormal · fantasy

  • Forever, Finally: A Heartfelt Romance Novel by Susan Mallery

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    Let yourself be swept away by this emotional friends-to-lovers romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery! Previously published as Lily’s Expecting in 2004.Any woman who’s been left at the altar has the right to go a little crazy. Pediatric nurse Lily Tyler handles her public humiliation by getting pregnant and buying a house. At 34, she’s done waiting for Mr...

    contemporary · humor

  • Suck and Blow by Jenika Snow

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    It started as a masquerade themed company party.It ended up with me drinking too many glasses of champagne and having a one-night stand with a masked stranger in a back room.The sex had been filthy, kinky, and he’d gotten me off three times. And all of that had happened without me even taking my dress off.I felt no shame that I'd let a complete stranger f*ck me. It actually turned me on more...

    age difference · new adult · super rich hero · office

  • Urn My Love by Sedona Ashe

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    I was living my best life in the afterlife…Until a klutzy phoenix flipped the laws of life and death on their head.As the Queen of the Phoenix Afterlife, I was responsible for finding a way to fix the chaos the delightfully rebellious firebird had created between the world of the living and the… well, dead.Working together, we found a way to send her back through the veil between our realms...

    magic · paranormal · humor · shapeshifters · fantasy

  • Grave New World by Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    Jane Ladling cordially invites you to the world’s most romantic wedding. But first, there’s a few items to check off her to-do list.Actually plan the festivitiesFind a way to pay for said festivitiesAvoid finding a dead body. OOPS! Solve a murderAs the owner of a landlocked cemetery and self-proclaimed expert amateur sleuth, Jane knows death inside and out...

    found-family · forced proximity · contemporary · humor

  • Mystery Magnet by Gregory Ashe

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    He was born to write mysteries. Now, he has to solve them.When Dashiell Dawson Dane moves across the country to a small seaside town called Hastings Rock, he has one get away from his ex. Okay, two goals - because he wouldn't mind a little help from his new boss, celebrity mystery author Vivienne Carver...

    mystery · m-m · queer · contemporary · suspense

  • The Vampire's Former Flame by Kristen Painter

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town where Halloween is celebrated 365 days a year. The tourists think it's all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better. Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs, fur, and all.Ephelia Moreau doesn’t know she’s in danger...

    contemporary · paranormal · vampires · fantasy · witches · magic

  • The Apprentice by M.D. Gregory

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    Fionn Killough is a company man in both blood and loyalty. Sloan is the only father figure that Fionn has had and he would do anything for him. But when Fionn is assigned to sniff out a rat, he hesitates for one Daire Reardon.This book will be released earlier than assigned date...

    m-m · mafia · dark · bdsm · queer

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  • The Lies About Forever by Claudia Y. Burgoa

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    Lightning can strike the same place more than once.The first time, it robbed me of my high school sweetheart.Shattering our forever into a million pieces.I was just sixteen.Too young to understand the medical terms, that meant she was gone.Too naïve to see that forever was nothing but a lie.Now, years later, I met Ameline.I tried not to fall in love, but it was impossible...

    super rich hero

  • His Darkest Devotion by Addison Cain

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    In the dark embrace of their bond, Lorieyn belongs to Cyderial in every sense—except one. She does not love him. As war threatens to tear their world apart, the terrifying general will risk everything in the battle to conquer her fears and draw her to him. To prove himself worthy of possessing her mind, body, and soul. Teach her that she will be fulfilled kneeling at his feet...

    omegaverse · fantasy · age difference · forced proximity · dark · contemporary · suspense · from hate to love · explicit-open-door · dystopian

  • Merciless Is My Crown by L.A. McGinnis

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    A rebellious princess cursed by the gods. The loyal warriors sworn to protect her. A bond broken only by death. From the day I was born, I was destined to become a sacrifice to my father’s power. Now everything has changed. My father is dead, I’ve claimed the Fae magic and altered the course of a bloody, thousand-year war...

    war · reverse harem · political-intrigue · magic · found-family · forced proximity · fated-mates · fantasy · fae · betrayal

  • My Pucking Ex's Dad by Leighton Grace

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    Snowed in with my ex’s pro hockey player Dad...and now I'm skating on thin ice.After a nasty breakup with my ex,His dad takes pity on me and offers to drive me home.But when a snowstorm strands us in the middle of nowhere,we’re forced to find a roadside motel with nothing to do…but each other.There’s only one tiny bed....and he’s huge.We wake up the next morning tangled like pretzels...


  • Woes of Lavender by Razz Vernicus

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    In a world untouched by humans, salty water and government, beings called Celegons thrive. Or, they would, if their home was not overrun with monsters that target them as their main food source. Despite being intelligent and quick, it's often not enough to avoid their untimely ends to a monster's sharp jaws...


  • Pakiras Entry by Funmilayo Funmilayo, Grace Funmilayo, Beulah Oluwasegun

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    It's a romance book of a young girl who gained admission into the universe and has many dramas ahead of...

    contemporary · suspense · fantasy · mature couple · from hate to love

  • Sink Into Her by Elaine J. Daniels

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    Resort pool manager Alex Irwin likes her simple life. She goes to work, then returns to her cozy home, with the occasional visit from her sister and best friend. But when she finds a mysterious body floating in the resort pool, everything changes. Especially when she realizes that body comes with blue skin and tentacles...

    queer · fantasy · erotica · f-f · shapeshifters · paranormal · grumpy sunshine · fated-mates

  • The Runaway Mate: A Rejected Mate Shifter Romance by Kira Nightingale

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    After what he did, I never wanted to see my fated mate again…Four years ago, Ryan Shaw broke my heart, tore it into little pieces and then stomped on it. Ryan is my fated mate, but when I saw him with another woman at the regional meet of all the Packs, I’d had enough. I finally told him what he meant to me, and being the jerk that he is, he rejected me in front of everyone...

    fantasy · werewolves · omegaverse · fated-mates · paranormal · shapeshifters · contemporary · suspense

  • Finding Infinity by Lineo Pheane

    Publish date: Monday, 29 Apr

    There Are Important Moments In Life That Can Change Our Destiny. These Are Often Times When We Are Confronted With How Powerless We Are Over The Events Of Our Life. These Moments Can Either Destroy Us Or Forever Set The Course Of Our Life In A Much Better Direction. As For Me Finding Infinity Is A Moment I Would Never Trade For Anything Under The Sun, Not Even For a Dime...

    suspense · mystery

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