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Chapter 222: Chapter 104 Leading Trouble Away_3

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The Cerberus finally panicked, its three legs trying to push off the falling rock, and attempting to grab onto the cliff.

But Leonard Churchill didn't give it a second chance to regain its footing. He violently pushed off the cliff with his legs and rapidly lunged forward.

At this moment, several first-tier Hellhounds were trembling as they tried to climb down the cliff.

If Leonard delayed any longer, the Demon Legion would catch up.

Even if he risked being burned by Hellfire, he knew this was the best opportunity!

Leonard charged forward like a cannonball.

The accuracy of the Hellfire spewed from the two dog heads was significantly lessened due to the lack of gravity.

The flames barely grazed his head as he swooped in to land on the Cerberus's back.

He had already observed carefully that the back was the dog heads' blind spot for breathing fire!

Leonard plunged a knife into its spine, bracing himself against the burn to steady his stance.

The scalpel was too short and even if it were fully inserted, it would inflict very limited damage on this kind of monster.

He didn't expect this blow to be fatal, instead he aimed the Two-Pole Collapse punch that he had been charging in his other hand, directly at the middle dog head.


The punch hit the dog head's neck. The head went blank, and the metal ball that it had been holding in its mouth was spit out.

Seeing this, Leonard forcefully pushed himself off the Cerberus's back, causing it to plummet faster.

He then grabbed the round ball.

Having gotten the ball, he used the force from descending to shoot towards the cliff above.

Without any hesitation, he rushed towards the cliff.

He didn't concern himself with what happened to the Cerberus. Having lost one leg, it would not be able to chase him anyway.

The pursuing first-tier Hellhounds posed no threat since they weren't able to catch up.

Shortly, Leonard seized the opportunity to leap onto the ground and quickly darted into the dense forest.

“Huff… Huff…”

Leonard was panting heavily as he sprinted through the Sawtooth Forest, bushes whizzing past his sides.

As he ran, he was continuously consuming Recovery Potions.

With the threat of the second-tier Cerberus gone, he had already shaken off the others.

But he knew that as long as he had the spirit medium and the golden ball on him, he wouldn't be able to truly escape.

With the Supernatural Perception, he was able to distinctly smell all sorts of odors in the forest, and the Demon Compass helped him avoid all possible obstacles.

However, he could also clearly sense that multiple squads from the Demon Corps were converging towards him.

The encirclement was like a gradually tightening pocket.

Leonard's goal was clear.

About seventy kilometers northeast.

Back at the Meteor Eagle Fortress, he had already observed that the Lionheart Family's Fierce Beast Legion was battling in that area.

The Sawtooth Forest was vast and complex, and it would be hard for the demons to form an efficient encirclement if the werewolf was determined to escape.

Although he encountered some small groups of demons along the way, none could catch up.

If he really couldn't avoid them and ran into them, as long as there were no second-tier ones, he could quickly kill a few and escape.

This was how Leonard sprinted at full speed all the way. After dozens of minutes, he suddenly heard the sounds of fighting from somewhere in the forest.

“Found them!”

Leonard delightedly said to himself.

There was no one else in the Sawtooth Forest now.

The only ones making such intense fighting noises had to be the Fierce Beast Legion.

And they had to defend Young Master Kane, so they could only stick together to defend.

A large legion like this couldn't move too quickly, their best strategy was to choose a spot and engage in defensive warfare.

Leonard followed the sound.

Without moving too far, he saw the remains of numerous demons piled up along the route.

The air was filled with violent and chaotic elements, as well as a strong stench of filthy blood.

Through a forest, he saw the Fierce Beast Legion fiercely fighting the Demon Legion under a metallic mountain cave that had been hardened from a rock wall.

The Black Knights holding heavy shields were defending the front, while card masters in the back constantly threw out various cards, causing death among the demons in droves.

Don't underestimate these first-tier cards. Clustered together, they could create a powerful explosion.

Hundreds of Wind Blade Cards flying out formed a tornado of blades.

After passing, all within hundreds of meters had turned into mashed flesh and blood.

The Fierce Beast Legion only had two or three hundred people, but this steel defense formation could withstand demons a hundred times their number.

While Leonard only observed for a moment, another wave of a thousand demons was mowed down in the forest by the Wind Blade, which left the trees three meters deep into the ground.

A kilometer away, he could even see a dinosaur-sized green toad and a nearly hundred-meter flame serpent leading the demons.

Second Tier rank Catastrophe, Bone Snake Captain-Tatter.

Second Tier B-rank, Toad Commander-Hunke.

Leonard looked at the two gigantic demons and acknowledged that they were much stronger than the Cerberus he had faced earlier.

Yet even so, under the Fierce Beast Legion's overpowering firepower, the two commanders didn't dare to expose themselves casually.

Seeing this, Leonard's mouth curled into a smile: “The stronger the better…”

He took the opportunity of a pause in the attack from both sides to run along the cliff wall.

As he ran, he shed his werewolf body and quickly donned the uniform of the Beast Squad, which he had obtained from ambushing the five-person team earlier.

Once the gas mask was on and the Invisibility Clothing was draped, he looked every bit a Beast Squad assassin.

On his way, he encountered scouts from the Beast Squad hidden in the shadows.

Seeing his uniform, they didn't stop him.

Leonard, looking like an injured soldier returning to camp, stumbled into the cave.

His convincing performance allowed him to effortlessly fall near the first line of defense.

Soon, someone came to his rescue and moved him inside.

As he removed his gas mask, he revealed a strange face.

The clown mask now resembled the face of the assassin he had killed earlier..

Chapter end


Catastrophe Card King Chapter 222 – Chapter 222: Chapter 104 Leading Trouble Away_3 - Novel Cool (2024)


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