Realistic or Modern - Once Upon A Time CS (2024)

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Realistic or Modern - Once Upon A Time CS (1)

Name: Kane Young
Nickname: --
Age: 22
Height: 5’11
Gender: Male
Sexuality/Romantic Orientation: Pansexual/Romantic
Occupation: Owner of the Ranger’s Guild, a gun/hunting shop
Fairy Tale Character: Van Helsing

Personality: Kane is a very compassionate man, he was even as Van Helsing. He’s the type to get every side of the story before judging anyone, even if that puts him in a rough spot with a friend. He’s loyal to those he cares about to be sure, he’s just not a yes man. He’ll tell you what you need to hear and even if you choose to ignore it, he’ll support you all the way. As long as you’re not really hurting yourself in doing so, he won’t push. That being said, he’s very sentimental. Most of his gifts are incredibly thoughtful, if not handmade. He’s not too good with spoken sentiments though, usually it just ends in an embarrassing bit of rambling he immediately regrets. He’s a creative fellow who uses it to come up with unique solutions to problems and stories he can tell to amuse his friends. He’s got an incredible business face that hides the absolute goofball hidden underneath. He’s not beyond dressing up or acting a fool with his friends, but he gets quite serious when it comes to gun safety and the process involved with selling them to people. He’s a lot stiffer around strangers, mostly because he is ever ready for the possibility of a robbery at work and it’s a bit difficult to just turn that off. Unless you really know him though, you’d never be able to tell. He’s fairly talented with keeping his feelings and motives hidden behind a pleasant expression.
Likes: Rock music, horror movies, lizards, concerts, helping people out, long naps, tea, a bit of peace and quiet after a long day, writing.
Dislikes: Being alone, seeing his friends upset, creeps, unfair situations, centipedes.
Fears: Losing someone he really cares about.
Hobbies: Archery, baking, D&D, woodworking.
Bio: Van Helsing was orphaned at age 8 after a vampire attack resulted in the death of both his parents. Despite being so young, he came to resent their race and vowed to become the greatest vampire hunter to ever live. The other villagers couldn’t really blame him, they all held a similar hatred for the blood suckers but lacked the courage to really do anything about it. The only problem with his plan? He had no clue where to begin looking for someone to train him. Anyone who could fight in town only knew how to combat humans, they couldn’t offer him anything beyond what he already knew. About a week passed and his patience had been spent. While the baker’s family had been very kind in taking him in, he was hardly interested in finding a new family. He wanted to avenge the old one, needed it more than he needed to eat or sleep. He needed some sort of progress, and there seemed to be only one place he’d have such luck.

In the dead of night, little Van Helsing set out with nothing more than a hunting knife, a warm cloak, and a loaf of bread with the intent to hike all the way up to Dracula’s castle. He hadn’t left a note, no one would know where he was going or be able to try stopping him. Either he’d come back with the vampire lord’s teachings or he wouldn’t come back at all. Perhaps this resigned determination is why Dracula took pity on the poor, half frozen boy when he finally arrived at the castle doors. Despite being covered in snow and shivering, he held out his knife and demanded answers from the elder vampire. Instead of killing him for both threatening him and arriving unannounced, Dracula invited the boy in and listened to his story. Knowing how primitive others of his kind could be, he felt sympathy for the young Van Helsing. The two made a deal that night. Dracula would teach him all he’d need to know to be a great vampire hunter and, in return, Van Helsing would live in the castle with him until he was ready to face the world on his own.

And so began the development of an interesting relationship. Dracula raised him as his own and taught him much more than just vampire weaknesses. He found a new appreciation for life and revenge no longer consumed him. The need was still there, ever lingering in the back of his mind, but it no longer controlled him. Beyond that, he came to understand that vampires weren’t so different from humans. There were some bad apples, some good ones, and some who simply wanted to survive. So, rather than hunting just any target he was given, Van Helsing vowed to investigate before executing. If the village’s fear was unjust, he’d help the vampire in question move on with a new slate. It wasn’t easy faking their deaths, but it was certainly rewarding work. He eventually found the monsters who’d taken his parents from him with a bit of Dracula’s help. Killing them did little to ease the hurt that followed death, but knowing they’d never hurt anyone else the way they hurt him did wonders for his conscience. In a strange turn of events, the village eventually asked him to take care of Dracula, the man he’d come to consider his father. Unbeknownst to anyone else, this put him in the perfect spot to protect the count just as he’d protected him all those years. It just takes a bit more convincing than burning a vaguely humanoid body.

In this world, however, Kane believes he stayed in Storybrooke to watch his parent’s home while they were on a vacation overseas. After a few months of them being gone, they called to inform him that they were actually looking for a place to move to in Australia. Movers arrived a few days later and he found himself with a house to take care of. He can’t remember going back to get his things, though they eventually showed up. He remembers opening the Ranger’s Guild not long after, and supposedly he’s been there ever since.
Faceclaim: Matt Mercer

Realistic or Modern - Once Upon A Time CS (2)

Name: Felix Allyn
Nickname: Lixy
Age: 23
Height: 6’1
Gender: Male
Sexuality/Romantic Orientation: Demisexual/Panromantic
Occupation: Server at Calista’s restaurant
Fairy Tale Character: Flotsam

Personality: Felix is a bit of an oddball, to be sure. He’s known for having mood swings, though he usually hides it rather well in public. Even having to deal with these unannounced changes in emotion, anger is one of the rarer turns he takes. Most of the time it presents itself as depression or an incredibly happy burst of energy. Usually those are his most productive times and, no matter what time of day it is, he will capitalize on it. He tries his best not to let it keep him down or from doing anything. It’s a bit easier to push himself to do things for others, of course, but the self care aspect is a whole other story. He’s not afraid to ask others for help before he gets in over his head, though he tries not to make a habit of it. He’s a very hard worker and strives to be self reliant. He’s all about chasing your dreams because he knows what it’s like to let an opportunity go and regret it years later. That one experience has made him a bit reckless with his occupational decisions, not that he wasn’t already reckless to begin with. If you dare him to do something dangerous and he figures there’s any chance he’ll survive, he’s in. He’s all about having fun and making sure everyone else does too. He’s the peace maker of his friend group and will always try to keep things from escalating… Mostly his sister, but who’s counting?
Likes: Musicals, theater, socializing, spicy foods, hugs, physical activity, any type of music, wrestling, drinking, makeup (both doing and having done).
Dislikes: Conflict, being blackout drunk, his mood swings, people treating his friends poorly, feeling trapped.
Fears: Never getting anywhere in life.
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, skateboarding, swimming.
Bio: In the enchanted forest, Flotsam and Jetsam were the best friends and beloved pets of Ursula from a young age. She gave them the best life they could ever ask for, never having to fight for food or worry about a storm destroying their home. In return, they were her eyes and ears. Flotsam was the master of eavesdropping, no one ever suspected he was actually listening in and their pond seemed to be a popular talking spot. His actions were sporadic at best. While he could turn on someone rather easily should they provoke him, he always returned the kind embrace of his long time friend with joy in his heart. They were there for her when the incident happened, providing love and support as her parents drove her down a path she could have been spared from. Perhaps if they had been able to speak, they could have helped her cope, could’ve taken her somewhere better. Perhaps the story could’ve ended much differently.

Now, in the day and age of Storybrooke, the twins remember very little about their early lives. What they do remember is being taken in by Calista’s parents and the easy bond they shared. They grew up together and they would follow her to the ends of the world. When she told them her dreams of opening up a seafood restaurant, they were more than willing to help. Felix had spent highschool focused on theater, taking whatever roles he could get his hands on. No matter how minor, his sister and Calista were always in the front seats cheering him on. When a recruiter had approached him senior year about going to college for it, he simply couldn’t bring himself to agree. He needed his family and they needed him. Part of him regrets never jumping at the chance while the other part knows it never would have worked out. At least, not then.
Faceclaim: Mathew Lillard

Realistic or Modern - Once Upon A Time CS (3)

Name: Jezabel Allyn
Nickname: Jez, Shrimp
Age: 23
Height: 5’9
Gender: Female
Sexuality/Romantic Orientation: Lesbian
Occupation: Head Chef at Calista’s restaurant
Fairy Tale Character: Jetsam

Personality: Jezabel is the protector of this set of twins. She’s strong willed, defensive, and quick to anger. Don’t let her hear that you have a problem with Felix or Calista, she will have words to speak and they won’t be pretty. She makes a habit of being dependable. Her word is good so long as she trusts you, otherwise there’s only a slight possibility she won’t follow through with it. She’s a spitfire in an argument, always looking to get the last word in and to make it hurt. On a more positive note, she’s incredibly caring and will go the distance for you if you’re true to her. She can be a real sweetheart when she wants to be. She’s a bit of a tease, but only in good nature. She’s the more booksmart of the twins and a sort of handyman around their house. She’s the type to take the burdens of others on no matter how much it weighs her down. She can be charismatic in her own sort of way. One minute you’re off doing something else and the next, she’s whisked you off to do something mildly irresponsible but incredibly fun. She makes for quite the businesswoman, nowhere near as good as Cali but still pretty fair. She has very little tolerance for being cheated, so much so that anyone who’s ever tried to make a deal with her only makes that mistake once. She suffers from paranoia though it varies in severity over different lengths of time.
Likes: Nights out, sleepovers, being surrounded by people, white noise, sea creatures, the beach, ghost hunting shows, makeup.
Dislikes: Horror movies, being scared, drinking, not being able to figure something out.
Fears: Letting her family down
Hobbies: Cooking, fixing things, dancing, painting, swimming.
Bio: In the enchanted forest, Flotsam and Jetsam were the best friends and beloved pets of Ursula from a young age. She gave them the best life they could ever ask for, never having to fight for food or worry about a storm destroying their home. In return, they were her eyes and ears. Jetsam was the master of accidents. While her brother listened in on the conversations, she waited for just the right moment to pull their victim into the water. Most never realized the eels were behind the strange bouts of clumsy incidents around their pond. On occasion, they’d snag something important for Ursula or give them a good zap. She tolerated very few people outside of their long term friend and made that well known to anyone brave enough to stick their fingers in her water. They were there for her when the incident happened, providing love and support as her parents drove her down a path she could have been spared from. Perhaps if they had been able to speak, they could have helped her cope, could’ve taken her somewhere better. Perhaps the story could’ve ended much differently.

Now, in the day and age of Storybrooke, the twins remember very little about their early lives. What they do remember is being taken in by Calista’s parents and the easy bond they shared. They grew up together and they would follow her to the ends of the world. When she told them her dreams of opening up a seafood restaurant, they were more than willing to help. Jezebel spent her highschool years on the softball team. Her games were normally during the week or earlier in the day, giving her plenty of time to support both Cali and Felix’s after school activities A shoulder injury in her junior year took her out of the running for a scholarship, though she wasn’t terribly upset over it. She’d taken up cooking not long before that, meaning her newfound freetime wouldn’t go to waste. It certainly helped further down the line once the restaurant idea became a reality.
Faceclaim: Jena Malone

Realistic or Modern - Once Upon A Time CS (4)

Name: Amaris Denizz
Nickname: Mari
Age: 25
Height: 5’5
Gender: Female
Sexuality/Romantic Orientation: Pansexual/romantic
Occupation: Librarian
Fairy Tale Character: Belle

Personality: Amaris is a very independent woman who often needs to balance her socialization time with alone time. She has a very carefree spirit and, much like Belle, tends to be in a world of her own most of the time. She has an incredibly big heart and loves almost everyone she meets. Keyword almost. When it comes to dealing with less than pleasant individuals, she somehow manages to insult them in the sweetest ways. It almost makes them wonder if what she’s saying is actually a compliment, much to her amusem*nt. She believes in treating others as you wish to be treated, and as a result she tends to be an overall kind person. She can be a bit stubborn and set in her ways. It takes some serious convincing to change her mind once it’s been made. Attempting to tell her what to do will only push her to rebel even further, she hates feeling like she doesn’t get a say. Despite this, she always means well no matter what she decides. She constantly strives to step out of her comfort zone and experience new things. On occasion she can be convinced by friends to go out with a group for a good time, though she’s often too tired to stay out long due to her anemia.
Likes: A good book, comedy, learning new things, exploring old places, travel shows, coffee, taking pictures, thunderstorms.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, sour foods, feeling tired, humidity, beer, her dizzy spouts.
Fears: That life will pass her by before she’s really had the chance to live.
Hobbies: Reading, drafting blueprints for her father, enjoying nature, teaching kids how to read, dressmaking.
Bio: Belle had been battling a strange disease for most of her young adult life. She was prone to fainting spells, often looked pale and ill, and never felt quite right. Her father worried for her, understandably so, and rarely left her alone. He took her to doctor after doctor, though none seemed to have any answers for her. The two traveled quite a bit together, especially to fairs in other kingdoms so they could show off his inventions. Normally, he wouldn’t go unless he could fit both of them in the wagon along with whatever they were bringing to show. She hated the opportunities he missed because of how limiting her condition was.

He almost missed one of the biggest shows he’d ever been offered a spot in, but she simply wouldn’t allow it. She promised to stay strictly inside, to have their neighbor check in on her, even to let Gaston of all people know she was feeling alright. Such a drastic threat must have been enough to convince him, because early the next morning he was off to a distant kingdom with his latest genius in tow. For the first few days, she managed to keep those promises. She stayed inside and re-read her favorite book at least twice, stopping by the pub in the evening to let the ever obsessive hunter know she was doing well before going back home for the night. On her way to the pub on the fourth night, she was approached by a stranger. Strangers weren’t common in a town their size, meaning he was an outsider. He claimed to be a doctor, one who’d caught wind of their efforts to cure her disease and found the story to be interesting. After a quick examination, he concluded as much as any other doctor had: He had no way of knowing what she had or how to treat it. Much to her delight, however, he mentioned a strange noble of sorts who might be able to help. The journey was long and she needed to leave immediately if she were to make it before the winter storms made travel impossible.

She threw together a saddlebag filled with everything she’d need and her warmest clothes, preparing their horse Philip for the long trek ahead of them. By now Gaston had come to see what was keeping her and was outraged she would even consider going with a stranger into uncharted territory alone. He knew better than to try and talk her out of the idea, she’d been searching for this chance her whole life. Instead, he and Lefou gathered their horses to tag along. The doctor saw little problem with taking a bigger party and the group left their small town with nothing more than torches to light their way. Surprisingly, Belle handled the ride well. She fainted only once before they reached the frozen lake, the last of their real obstacles, and she’d been able to slump herself forward just in time to keep from falling. Crossing the water’s icy surface hadn’t been any problem at all, but the pack of wolves waiting on the other side certainly were. The animals managed to split her off from the three men, leaving her to fend for herself. She urged Philip forward, using her torch to scare their way through the wolves’ ever tightening circle. In a last ditch effort to shoo them away, she tossed her flame in their direction and had Philip take off as fast as he could. The distance they gained wasn’t much, though that would prove to be the least of her worries. All the excitement had made her dizzy and the threat of a fainting spell had her falling from the horse into a snow piled covering a fallen tree. She hadn’t expected to wake up, least of all in an unfamiliar bed beside a warm fire. While the rest of her party never turned up at the castle, Belle had been successful in finding the one man who might be able to help her. Count Dracula.

In Storybrooke, Amaris’s problems are at least a little more bearable. She doesn’t live far from her father and stops in frequently to check up with him. As far as she knows, they’ve always lived there. Her mother passed giving birth to her and her father had done everything he could to raise her well. While she’s suffered from Anemia for as long as she can remember, she tries her hardest to live a full life.
Faceclaim: Elizabeth Gillies

Realistic or Modern - Once Upon A Time CS (5)

Name: Elias Soho
Nickname: Eli
Age: 29
Height: 5’10
Gender: Male
Sexuality/Romantic Orientation: Pansexual/romantic
Occupation: Judge
Fairy Tale Character: Rumplestiltskin

Personality: Elias is your typical workaholic. He stays up into all hours of the night looking over case details multiple times to make sure he hasn’t missed anything. He’s a very detail oriented guy, he needs to be in his line of work. The slightest detail can make or break a case and if anyone needs to catch it, it’s him. He’s bound to step on toes no matter his intentions and he knows that. He earned his place in power though, he won’t be scared off because someone gets sour about a decision. That being said, the nature of his work has given him a better appreciation for the little things in life. Most would call him clever, he knows his way around the law and how to bend it when the punishment seems too harsh for the circ*mstances. He enjoys rooting for the little guys and seeing them succeed, even if it takes a bit of influencing. While he carries himself with a certain level of seriousness, he’s rather pleasant once you get to know him. He spends plenty of time doing charity work and hosts a weekly trash pickup around town. He’s quite the romantic despite always being so busy. He’s well organized and has the memory of an elephant.
Likes: Long walks through nature, helping others, journaling, a good puzzle, delicious food, parties, a warm bath, stargazing, a drink after a long day.
Dislikes: Thinking about past cases, having to sleep when there’s still work to be done, being looked down on.
Fears: He’ll make the wrong call on a sentencing.
Hobbies: Jigsaw/Crossword puzzles, cooking, playing piano.
Bio: Many who’ve ever heard of Rumplestiltskin’s deals would think him a heartless con artist, though the truth couldn’t be any further from that. He was a businessman, to be sure, using his magic to help those in need for a mostly fair price. For quite a while he held a perfect reputation, though that all changed when he decided to help a miller’s daughter. She didn’t have much, understandably so, but the magic and time required to change something like straw into gold were premium services he should have charged much more for. When she had nothing left to give the third night, he agreed to help her at the cost of her firstborn. The woman had agreed and even went on to become queen. With her newfound power, the now queen tried to change their deal. He didn’t need any of the things she offered, rather he was hoping to raise the promised child as a sort of assistant to his work. He gave her three days to guess his name, the only rule being that she had to figure it out all by herself. She broke that single rule, having him followed by one of the castle’s guards. They overheard his name during a different deal. Drunk from her victory, the queen twisted the story to make him into a villain. She spread her lies far and wide, unknowingly bringing him much more sinister work.

Years beyond this incident, Rumplestiltskin had a daughter of his own and a growing business making deals with less than savory people. He kept his home and work life as separate as he could, speaking little of his hidden home and never mentioning his young daughter. He’d made plenty of enemies by working for one side over the other in many situations, but that had never been a problem. Usually he could assure an angry sorcerer or king that he simply serviced the first person to come to him. The anger would subside and that would be the end of the consequences. Much to his surprise, the sour deal of years prior would be the thing to cause him the most trouble. In the time since he’d left that kingdom, the Queen’s first born had died of disease. She blamed him for the boy’s death, claiming she summoned him by name to help and he chose not to come. In reality, he’d never heard her calls and only heard of the death months after it happened. He thought little of it, even sent a letter expressing his condolences, but it only angered the Queen further. She hired an enchantress to find what he cared for most and take it from him. The woman spotted him picking berries with his daughter, taking this vulnerable moment to curse the child. Rumplestiltskin would never be able to hold his daughter again, getting within a couple feet of her would cause her pain. Touching her would kill her. This broke his heart and started him down a path of anger and revenge. His sweet little girl deserved a better life, he realized, one where she didn’t have to worry about protecting herself from her own father. And so, he sent her to live in the one realm he had few dealings in and where very few of his enemies would dare venture to: Wonderland. She would be safe there while he endlessly searched for a way to break their curse.
Faceclaim: Remy Hii

Realistic or Modern - Once Upon A Time CS (6)

Name: Leo
Nickname: Lee
Age: 27
Height: 5'11
Gender: Male
Sexuality/Romantic Orientation: Pansexual/romantic
Occupation: Land lord
Fairy Tale Character: Scar

Personality: Leo is, simply put, horrible at admitting when he's wrong. It's to the point that, depending on how serious he is about the matter, he'll risk a friendship over it. He does want to do good deep down, he's just not quite sure how to go about it and he sure as hell isn't about to ask for help. He can be sweet, especially if you've proven yourself loyal to him. He enjoys taking care of those who have stood beside him. Anyone else, not so much. He does have good moments though, even if that's rarely his intent. He's always looking for the most profitable way to go about things, whether it comes to money or attention. While his motives always come first, he's a (mostly) fair and reasonable guy. He's outgoing and can be very charming in his own way. He's sarcastic and most of the time a little too honest. He's willing to play dirty to get what he wants, at least in most cases. He's good at masking what he's really like if it serves his interests, especially when it comes to business. He's what you might consider a bit of a fixer upper.
Likes: Winning, being right, chocolate, reading, sleeping, wine.
Dislikes: Losing, being wrong, sour foods, the color yellow.
Fears: That one day his ways will leave him all alone.
Hobbies: Chess, reading, brooding alone with his thoughts.
Bio: Scar, as we know him, was not as black and white as one might think. His brother had been raised surrounded by those who'd need to teach him how to be king, the center of attention while he was mostly ignored. That part remained true and sparked a deep seeded resentment that grew with Scar. Determined to be more than the decorative second son, he'd tired his paw at being a hunter. Sadly, he wasn't much better in that department. He had a strategical mind, something that went overlooked due to his being the weakest and "most privileged" of the pack. His resentment continued to grow beyond his familial ties, including their whole kingdom. So he chose to distance himself, finding a new home with the hyenas. At first he was content. They treated him as a king of sorts and he brought order to their chaotic lifestyle. Still, no matter how hard he tried, they never thrived the way his brother had. They were living off scraps and it wasn't fair. So, Scar decided it was time to visit Pride Rock once again. He was clever with his motives, waiting many weeks before he proposed the idea of merging their "kingdoms" to his brother. They'd both rule their respective lands and share resources. He was surprised when Mufasa almost immediately denied him and had the audacity to speak of his subjects as if they were rats. Filthy and unreliable. He bit back his rage and returned home, contemplating his next move carefully. Waiting and pandering to his nephew would take far too long and had a high chance of failure given his influences. So, he took the initiative and took Mufasa out of the picture. Surprisingly it pained him, having to do that to his brother. And even worse, his nephew had been witness to what he'd done. He hadn't planned for that and, in a dire need to save his skin, he convinced the only thing left of his brother that this had been his fault. Simba ran off and Scar became king. For a few years, things were fine. Good even. But power could do unpleasant things to people, and soon his subjects came to resent him.

In Storybrooke, Leo is the landlord for quite a few of the buildings. Including Sasha's boutique. However, he sees more profitable avenues the building could take. The only trouble? Sasha has been the perfect tennant. He now plots ways to get her out of the building, whether that be by driving her out of having her kicked out. He just has to walk a fine line in doing so.
Faceclaim: Rami Malek

Realistic or Modern - Once Upon A Time CS (2024)


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