Blackman Michigan Ipe Decking (2024)

Brazilian Wood Depot provides direct shipping services to Blackman, Michigan. As a non-brokerage entity, we offer competitive rates coupled with top-notch quality. Opting for Brazilian Wood Depot means investing in the finest ipe wood for your significant project. Whether it’s decking, siding, or tiles, our family-owned business, now in its second generation, is dedicated to assisting you in acquiring precisely what you require.

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Ipe Decking is Perfect for Blackman, Michigan

Ipe Decking

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is world-renowned for its superior characteristics and properties. Ipe is one of the hardest woods in the world which lends to its incredible durability and longevity. It is also naturally resistant to insect attack, mold, rot, fire and decay.

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Cumaru Decking

Cumaru (pronounced Koo-Mah-Roo) is world-renowned for its superior characteristics and properties. You may have heard of Ipe’s incredible hardness, durability, and longevity- Cumaru is similar to Ipe in many ways and is often used interchangeably with Ipe.

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Garapa Decking

Garapa decking is naturally resistant to wood decay and insect damage, having no characteristic odor. Garapa wood is naturally scratch resistant and has an estimated useful life of 25 years. Deck oil preservation treatments will actually add even more years to the life of this very durable wood decking.

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Massaranduba Decking

Massaranduba (pronounced Mas-a-ran-doo-bah) is known for its superior characteristics and properties. You may have heard of Ipe’s incredible hardness, durability, and longevity- Massaranduba is similar to Ipe in many ways and is often used interchangeably with Ipe.

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Tigerwood Decking

Tigerwood (Muiracatiara) decking lumber is a beautiful exotic Brazilian hardwood which provides one of the most unique wood grain patterns you will ever see. Because of its incredible beauty, Tigerwood lumber it is highly sought after for both interior and exterior applications.

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Purpleheart Decking

Purpleheart is well known for its amazing insect resistance and bright purple color when freshly cut. You may have heard of Ipe’s incredible hardness, durability, and longevity- Purpleheart provides many of the same benefits. Purpleheart is extremely hard and dense which lends to its incredible durability and longevity.

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Balau Decking

Balau (pronounced Buhl-ow) is also known locally as Bangkirai. Unlike many of the other wood species that Brazilian Wood Depot carries, Balau is native to Southeast Asia namely, Indonesia and Malaysia. While Balau is relatively new to the United States market, it is the European Standard for exterior construction projects.

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T&G Porch Decking

Tongue and groove boards are installed much more tightly than Standard Decking. This makes the space feel more like an extension of the home than an exterior deck. There is nothing wrong with using standard decking on a covered porch, but it can be preferable to differentiate between two areas, a deck and a porch, by using a T&G product in the porch.

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🌱All Natural

In contrast to composite decking composed of wood pulp and non-recyclable plastics, which contribute to environmental pollution, and pressure-treated or reclaimed lumber containing toxic chemicals harmful to plant and animal life, Ipe offers a more sustainable option for Blackman, Michigan. As a completely natural material, Ipe is ideal for repurposing and is biodegradable, leaving behind no harmful byproducts. Being free from chemicals and plastics, Ipe embodies the authenticity of 100% real wood. This resonates with Blackman’s environmental awareness, further emphasizing the importance of opting for natural decking solutions.

🔨 Hardness

With a Janka Hardness rating of 3,680, placing it among the world’s top 10 hardest woods, Ipe significantly surpasses Oak’s rating of about 1,200. Its density and hardness, often likened to concrete, contribute to its dimensional stability, prolonged lifespan, and resistance to weather conditions. These attributes hold particular significance in Blackman, Michigan, where varying weather patterns can pose challenges to building materials. In contrast to pressure-treated wood, which is susceptible to considerable expansion and contraction leading to cell structure damage and accelerated decay, Ipe maintains its structural integrity. This stability also mitigates the issue of raised wood grain commonly observed in softer woods, making it advantageous for creating comfortable outdoor surfaces. While composite and plastic decking materials tend to lose their rigidity over time due to expansion and contraction, resulting in sagging, Ipe’s minimal movement under similar conditions underscores its durability and suitability for Blackman’s climate.

🕰️ Longevity

Ipe’s remarkable longevity, capable of lasting for decades even in harsh weather conditions, is a perfect fit for Blackman, Michigan’s climate. Its density and hardness play significant roles in its durability. Moreover, Ipe’s innate resistance to water, rot, and decay is well-suited to Blackman’s humid environment. Originating from rainforests with annual rainfall ranging from 100 to 400 inches, significantly higher than typical U.S. climates, Ipe has naturally evolved to resist water intrusion, mold, and decay. These characteristics position it as an ideal option for enduring Blackman’s unique weather patterns without compromising on quality or lifespan.

🔧 Board Replacement

For homeowners in Blackman, Michigan, the ease of replacing boards is a critical factor often underestimated when selecting deck materials such as pressure-treated (PT) or composite. Consider a scenario where an accident occurs on your deck, such as spilling hot grill contents, causing irreversible damage to the boards. With PT or composite decking, replacing a board becomes challenging. These materials fade over time, making a new board noticeably different and resulting in a deck with visible patchwork. However, tropical hardwoods like Ipe offer a different solution. Their natural variation from board to board means that replacing a board is far less conspicuous. Although new boards may initially stand out, within a few months, it becomes difficult to distinguish them from the original ones. This advantage is unique to authentic, natural woods and is a significant factor to consider for those in Blackman, Michigan, where outdoor living spaces hold great importance. The same principle applies to prefinished and engineered wood flooring, where board replacement can disrupt the overall aesthetic.

🐜 Insect Resistant

Ipe and similar tropical hardwoods offer a natural resistance to insects, a characteristic especially advantageous for outdoor spaces in Blackman, Michigan. Unlike domestic lumber, which often necessitates chemical treatments to deter wood-boring insects, Ipe has evolved this resistance naturally. Coming from forests where insects are proficient at boring into wood, Ipe’s robust wood fibers are highly resistant to these pests. This resilience also applies to insects found in the United States, making Ipe a superb option for regions like Blackman, Michigan, where durability against natural elements is paramount. This insect resistance is a prevalent benefit shared by most tropical hardwoods.

🔥 Fire Resistance

In fire-prone regions such as several states in the southwestern United States and significant commercial projects in urban areas, the selection of construction materials is significantly shaped by fire resistance. Ipe stands out as the premier choice for decking material in these situations because of its outstanding flame resistance. It is among the select few materials, along with steel and concrete, to consistently achieve an A Class rating from engineering rating organizations. In contrast, materials like plastic, composite, and pressure-treated lumber typically have lower flame spread ratings, categorized as C Class.

♻️ Sustainable

Procuring Ipe from the tropical forests of South America, particularly Brazil, raises legitimate concerns regarding the impact on these vital ecosystems. However, the hardwood timber industry, including Ipe harvesting, can contribute to forest conservation efforts. Responsible management of Ipe harvesting and reforestation in its native habitat helps safeguard these ecosystems, bolstered by the involvement of relevant organizations and adherence to local or federal government regulations. Without such stewardship, these forested areas face an increased risk of clearance for activities such as cattle grazing and agriculture. By opting for Ipe or other tropical hardwoods from reputable suppliers like Brazilian Wood Depot, consumers play a part in preserving the integrity of naturally forested lands. This consideration holds significance for environmentally conscious decisions in construction and landscaping projects in Blackman, Michigan.

💰 Cost and Value

Contrary to common assumptions, Ipe decking does not entail higher costs than alternatives in the long run. While pressure-treated lumber typically lasts around 5-7 years before deteriorating, and plastic and composite boards often begin to fade and degrade within a few years, Ipe boasts a significantly longer lifespan ranging from 40-75 years, depending on environmental factors. This extended durability renders Ipe a more cost-efficient option, particularly when factoring in the expenses associated with replacing pressure-treated or composite boards multiple times throughout the lifespan of a single Ipe installation. Initially, the cost of Ipe decking is comparable to mid-grade composites and less than high-end composites. Although pressure-treated lumber may appear cheaper upfront, the need for frequent replacements makes Ipe the more economical choice in the long term, demonstrating its financial viability for decking needs in Blackman, Michigan, both in the immediate and distant future.

Blackman, Michigan Landmarks

Cascade Falls Park: This beautiful outdoor park with its bridges, walkways, and seating areas could benefit from Ipe wood for boardwalks, benches, and railings.

Ella Sharp Park and Museum: This historic site with its Victorian-style buildings and landscaped gardens could incorporate Ipe wood for outdoor seating areas, pergolas, or decorative elements.

Sandhill Crane Vineyards: This winery and vineyard might incorporate Ipe wood for outdoor decks, pergolas, or tasting room furniture to enhance the visitor experience.

Jackson County Airport: The airport’s outdoor spaces, such as seating areas or walkways, could use Ipe wood for its resistance to weather and heavy foot traffic.

Jackson County Fairgrounds: Outdoor structures such as pavilions, seating areas, or stage platforms could benefit from the durability and weather resistance of Ipe wood.

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Blackman Michigan Ipe Decking (2024)


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