Aliferous - Chapter 8 - ChaosAndAnarchy (2024)

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Her creative writing teacher hadn’t shown up for class, and no substitute had shown up, so she decided to leave after fifteen minutes of waiting. It was unfortunate that Ivy had both this and the next period free, so she could torment Aphmau during lunch (next period) and this once in a semester chance of freedom.

“Aphmau!” The pink haired girl screamed “Come back here!” Aphmau continued speed walking towards her destination, trying to ignore Ivy’s irritating voice.

Honestly, Ivy’s voice sounded like someone took a cheesegrater straight to Aphmau’s ears, which was one of the many reasons Aphmau despised her. As Aphmau heard more yelling behind her she sped up to avoid the other girl and rushed into the music room, collapsing in a heap in front of one of the practice rooms.

“Hey, you good?” a masculine voice asked from the practice room and Aphmau nodded, before realizing he couldn’t see her, and replied “Yeah, just Ivy again, anyways how’re things for you?”

They had begun somewhat of a routine, everytime Ivy was bothering Aphmau, she would make her way to the music room and the two would spend the whole period talking. Although most of the time her friends defended her from Ivy, so the other girl didn’t always bother Aphmau.

Aphmau heard the thunk of someone leaning their head against the wall and a small groan of annoyance, “My dads still being a bitch” the boy responded.

“How so?” Aphmau inquired, concerned.

“Just the typical stuff” the boy said dismissively, although Aphmau could tell from his tone there was far more to it rather than just ‘typical’ stuff. Although its not like Aphmau had much room to speak, as she didn’t even know her father outside of a few bleary childhood memories.

“Anyways,” the boy said, attempting to change the topic, and doing it rather abruptly but Aphmau chose not to say anything. “My friend did something really stupid recently,”

“What did they do?” Aphmau asked, curious.

“She apparently found that someone in her school was selling unregulated potions” the boy explained and Aphmau felt her heart freeze. She wanted to say it, to say his ‘name’ but what if the other boy reacted strangely? Or it wasn’t even really FC?

She deliberated for a few moments, before deciding to risk it anyways. If this was FC then she was willing to try.

“FC?” She whispered, and it seemed that the boy froze as well as he also paused for a moment.

“Shu?” The boy called out in response.

“Oh my god, it’s you!” Aphmau exclaimed. “Are- do you- I-” she stuttered, surprise and excitement filling her.

The door opened and Aphmau saw the same boy from her werewolf class, the one she sat next to.

Aphmau and FC stood in awkward silence for a moment before Aphmau broke it. She didn’t want things between them to be awkward or weird or strange. She wanted them to be friends, to get to know each other in real life just as well as they did when they played video games or even when they just chatted on discord.

So she decided to break the ice, like one of those stupidly cliche icebreaker questions teachers asked on the first day of school.

“I’m Aphmau, if you didn’t already know, uh- I’m a part of the debate club, theater club and werewolf club. I plan on going to O’khasis University's Healing program because I have some healing powers. You know me by playing video games online…but I hope we can get to know eachother better in real life?” She awkwardly introduced, attempting to make conversation.

Aphmau also winced internally about the healing powers lie, sure she had healing powers but they were far from minor and they also weren’t just healing powers. Ignoring her discomfort at lying to someone she had never lied to before, she reached out her hand to shake his.

FC smiled and responded “I’m Aaron, I’m not a part of any clubs. I plan on going to Falcon Claw University and majoring in business, ‘cause my dad owns a company- but you already know that. I…also want to get to know you in real life.” He grabbed her outstretched hand, and instead of shaking it, he pulled her into a hug.

Aphmau couldn’t believe they were finally meeting. After years of discord calls and late nights and crying together and laughing together. Here they finally were. Aphmau didn’t know if she ever expected them to meet in real life and talk and become real life friends, but this was her chance.

She relished the hug, and if they clung together for a few seconds longer than normal, only two people in the world knew, one of them being herself.

When Aphmau was getting bullied at O’khasis City Prep, she vented to Aaaron, when she needed to break up with her ex girlfriend (Jayden) she talked to him, when Aphmau needed a constant after moving to Phoenix Drop she talked to him.

And when Aarons parental pressure got too much he talked to Aphmau, when he felt he could never compare to Melissa he talked to her, when he felt anger building up but he had to keep it bottled he talked to her.

It was surreal, seeing FC as a person, as someone right next to her, instead of miles away, separated by a screen.

“It’s- you’re real-” Aphmau whispered looking up at him.

“I didn’t think you could be real either,” Aaron replied, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. He looked at her like she was something wonderful, a salvation of sorts. The look in his eyes made her heart constrict.

Nobody, except perhaps her mother, had ever looked at her like that before.

“Wait! Who’s the guy?” FC- Aaron suddenly exclaimed.

“What guy?” Aphmau questioned, her eyebrows furrowed.

“The dude selling potions?” Aaron asked, as though it was obviously the most relevant situation, despite the fact Aphmau had completely forgotten about Gene and potions and all of that after speaking to FC.

“Y’know that dude Gene?” Aphmau asked, and after Aaron nodded she continued “Well basically he tried to blackmail me and so I got rid of his blackmail on me and got some on him and then-”

As Aphmau explained the situation in full detail Aarons face went through a myriad of emotions, from surprised to worried to frustrated.

By the time Aphmau finished explaining, Aaron was speechless, however before he could respond to the crazy story the bell rang and both of them realized how much time had passed.

When they were talking to each other it seemed like nothing else mattered, but the bell brought them back to reality, it was disheartening but it also opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

A world in which FC and Shu were more than just false names hidden behind screens but rather people, who’s problems and lives were real and right in front of each other.

“I- I’ll talk to you later? We can call or even facetime if you’re comfortable, that is- I don’t want to make you uncomfortable just because y’know we go to the same school and-” Aphmau rambled, anxiety getting the better of her and making her skin crackle with insecurity.

“Don’t worry, I’d love to,” Aaron gruffly replied, both of them still a little awkward.

Before she could think better of it, Aphmau leaned up and hugged Aaron quickly before rushing towards the door, waving a quick ‘see ya later’ before heading to her class.

Her lunch period passed with little to no fanfare, except for the constant buzzing in her mind. Her thoughts about FC- or Aaron consuming her. She was coming to terms with who the two people were, one was practically her closest friend who she had never lied to (except about the extent of her powers), and the other was the quiet kid from her werewolf class that had rumors flying around him.

Sure he had never been aggressive towards Aphmau, but she had always heard things, especially from Nicole and Lucinda, who were the friend groups resident gossip’s. How he’d gotten into four fights within the first week of school, or had mental issues, or that his family was rich.

Now Aphmau could put the rumors into context, she knew that FC had anger issues because of familial pressure and trauma, she knew that he had been challenged for a made up werewolf hierarchy position, she knew that his family ran many businesses that left them filthy rich.

She supposed she’d just have to ask him all about it later to get to understand better. So her classes trailed by, until finally it was Werewolf Class.

She rushed to her seat and pulled out her notebook, writing in the margins of the paper.

‘first week of class did u have all the bruises bc fighting for ‘alpha’’

‘yeah but thats all bs maybe if we were living in ancient times it would matter but unless i was like the ultima the title doesnt matter and its just a label based upon arbitrary physical strength’ Aaron drew a little eye roll face right next to the words.

‘yeah i remember u ramble abt it all the time’

‘sorry i forgot u already know me’

The words made Aphmau smile, and she drew a little heart next to them before drawing hangman underneath them. Aaron chuckled under his breath, and rolled his eyes but went to play anyway.

A strange fluttery warm joy filled her, something she had never felt before. Sure she felt the ecstatic euphoria when with her friends, or the comforting contentedness when with her mom. But this was markedly different, Aphmau just didn’t know how. So instead of doing the healthy thing, she decided to ignore it, and continue playing hangman and writing silly little notes and comments instead of paying attention to the lecture.

To be fair, werewolf class was basically just health ed with a bunch of extra lessons specifically for werewolves, alongside the fact that it counted as an elective credit. Aphmau had already heard all the things she needed to know from her mom, who had been frantic and anxious when Aphmau first presented and had therefore researched as much as she could.

‘Presenting’ in and of itself was rare, usually werewolves were born with their ears and would have to learn how to hide them, but around ten to fifteen percent of the population presented at a young age. This was usually before they turned five, however Aphmau had gotten her ears when she was seven.

This also didn’t account for...other anomalies. Like her magick powers, which were usually learned through studying magick. You were only born with them if you were a witch/wizard/wix. There had been no recorded cases of a witch werewolf hybrid, but that was the closest thing that could possibly describe Aphmau.

The words still didn’t encompass it fully. The deep resonating magick that crackled throughout a room with power. An untamed presence, something uncontrollable and terrifying. The type of magick people believed was embedded into the earth, the magick of the divines.

And maybe of other much more ancient things.

Although Aphmau tried not to dwell on that, so she went to school, and she made friends, and she lied and lied until her tongue felt heavy and bitter.

Aphmau was startled out of the strange turn of her thoughts when a finger poked her shoulder, she looked over and Aaron quickly wrote ‘you good?’ on a scrap piece of paper and she nodded, giving him a reassuring smile.

Aphmau hated it when her thoughts overwhelmed her, when she had to think about it and confront it. She wanted to be normal.

So she went through the rest of werewolf class, and then gym, and then witchcraft class. Aphmau always wanted to collapse at the end of the school day, no matter how easy the classes were, because school was honestly exhausting.

All the expectations and homework and students, it was uncomfortable even if she was extroverted.

However, before she could even leave the building, she saw a group of students huddled around in a circle, some whispering and muttering while others yelled and cheered. Aphmau internally cringed and sighed at how irritating it would be to get around all of the people.

Before she could even figure out a way to get around them, someone grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the group. Aphmau turned around to glare at the other person before noticing it was Laurance.

“What was that for?” Aphmau asked, annoyed and confused.

“It’s Gene- he’s getting arrested,” Laurance mumbled, disbelief covering his voice.

“What!?” Aphmau blurted out, forcing fake shock into her voice. Not that it was particularly hard, sure she knew that giving evidence to the police would start an investigation but actually seeing it happen was a whole other thing altogether.

Laurance shrugged, none of the students were told anything, so it’s not like he knew. Only Aphmau and FC- Aaron knew the truth.

Aphmau looked into the center of the circle, into where Gene was and he was fighting like a rabid animal. Twisting and turning to avoid capture, like he actually had a chance, when he didn’t. He was outnumbered, two police officers trying to subdue him without hurting him, because like it or not he was still a student. (Not to mention he was white, a small snide voice inside of Aphmau’s mind commented)

Gene suddenly noticed Aphmau in the crowd, and he turned to stare at her, and it was as though he was looking through her soul. Gene’s eyes widened, and Aphmau knew that he had figured it out.

He lunged forward, barely being restrained by an officer, before snarling, “f*ck you,”

Before Aphmau could say anything or do anything, someone stepped in front of her.

“How eloquent,” Aaron drawled, rolling his eyes, and defensively standing in front of Aphmau. In fact, she swore that his eyes literally turned red for a moment.

She gently touched his arm, sure it would be entertaining to see Aaron beat Gene up after all the grief the other boy had put Aphmau through, but there were two police officers there.

And a small part of Aphmau was offended, because she could definitely defend herself, although another part appreciated his willingness to help. (Another, smaller voice whispered that it was hot as hell, which she ignored because that was a weird thought to have about a close Friend).

Before Gene could say anything else, the officers finally restrained him, and cleared out the hallway, dragging Gene along with them. The boy had a dark look on his face, one that sent shivers down Aphmau's spine, despite the fact that she knew logically that she was stronger than him. She was a werewolf, not to mention her powerful magick, and he was just human. Aphmau shouldn’t be scared.

“Are you okay?” Aaron asked, voice filled with slight concern. Aphmau nodded, responding noncommittally, still thinking about Gene.

A small part of her wondered if giving that evidence to the police was a bad idea.

Aliferous - Chapter 8 - ChaosAndAnarchy (2024)


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